How to Register



Registering for the current school year?

If you are interested in registering for the current 20222/2023 school year, please follow the same instruction process below.


New Registration for the 2023/2024 school year is now open!


This includes:
  • Kindergarten;
  • Requests for Transfer;
  • Early French Immersion (Squamish Area);
  • Late French Immersion (Whistler and Pemberton Area); 
  • St'a7mes School (Cultural Journeys and Learning Expeditions); and,
  • New Students to the District (Grades 1-12).

Squamish Catchment Boundary Changes:

*Effective for September 2023 Enrollment


Click here, or view below map, to review the updated Squamish catchments prior to registration.


The following neighborhood catchments have been updated:

  • Northyards
  • Loggers Lane (north at Finch Drive)
  • Tantalus Road (north of Executive Suites)
  • Skyridge


All students currently attending school from these neighbourhoods and siblings who may be starting Kindergarten in September 2023 or later will not be impacted by these changes as they will be permitted to attend their current school. The catchment boundary changes only apply to future students without siblings already enrolled, who are of Kindergarten age starting September 2023 or later.


For more information about the approval process, click here



Valleycliffe Elementary 2023/2024 Kindergarten Lottery:

*Effective for September 2023 Enrollment


In previous years the registration process has operated on a first-come, first-serve basis. This year SD48 is piloting a lottery registration for Valleycliffe catchment students in an effort to provide more equitable access for families. This means that all Valleycliffe in-catchment families who register between January 17th and 20th will be considered to have registered, and their registration order will be assigned randomly. In the event that a  student is unable to be placed, they will be added to a Valleycliffe school waitlist, and offered a spot at the closest available school. After the registration period ends on January 20th, all families who register after the 20th will be added in priority order according to their registration date, and added to  any waitlist that may result.

This process will not impact the number of seats available in the Kindergarten. 

Please note: In-catchment students are still prioritized over out-of-catchment students, as per Board Policy 501. Out-of-catchment students can still request a transfer and will be considered if space is available after in-catchment students are assigned.


How to Register:
Please Contact your English Catchment School to make an appointment to drop off a completed registration package at the school. 
Note: St'a7mes School (Cultural Journeys and Learning Expeditions) is a program of choice and does not have a specific catchment. If you are interested in registering at St'a7mes School, please contact the school directly at 604-892-5904. 


Step Two:

Make an appointment to complete your registration at your English catchment school by booking online or by contacting the school directly.


Note - French Immersion registrations must also be completed through your English catchment school. 


**For Cultural Journeys and Learning Expeditions, complete your registration directly at St'a7mes School.

Documentation Required:


For your school appointment, students must be registered in person by a parent or guardian and the following original documentation must be presented at the time of registration:

  1. Completed Registration Form;
  2. Completed Out-of-Catchment Transfer Form (if applicable);
  3. Proof of British Columbia residency;
  4. Student’s BC Care Card;
  5. Student’s official Birth Certificate;
  6. Immunization records (if available);
  7. Immigration / Citizenship / Permanent Resident documentation, if applicable; and,
  8. Legal guardian, custody or court order document, if applicable.

NOTE: We do require these documents for registration and if you have lost them or don’t have them at the moment, please discuss with the school principal and they will assist you in making a plan and timeline to obtain the proper documents to complete the registration. Proof of residency could include the following documents: (hydro or phone bills, rental agreement, driver’s license, etc.).


If you need assistance with online registering, please contact your catchment school.